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Art Class


TIMELESS teachings    

in a CHANGING world

Our mission is to provide the best possible education for our students. If you request an additional language, enrichment, or college prep class, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. We have a large network of educators, and if there is enough interest in creating a class which we do not currently offer,  we are more than happy to develop it.  

Private Tutoring

Chinese / Business Chinese / AP Chinese 

Taught by teachers with many years of teaching experience. Help students learn Chinese comprehensively from listening, speaking, reading, and writing perspectives.

English Leveled Reading

Leveled Reading is grading the reading materials according to the difficulty, and to test the reading level of the children, and then provide the appropriate reading materials to the children of the corresponding reading level. The graded reading evaluation system is part of the reading level test. This process helps children match the most suitable reading materials for them at the most appropriate time.

English Reading & Writing

In this course, students will strengthen their foundational skills in reading and writing well at the sentence and paragraph level to build skills and confidence in preparation for upper-level reading and writing courses.

French / Spanish / Latin

According to the students' language foundation and needs, the class's content is customized to help students learn foreign languages in a targeted manner.

Math / Science / Coding / Social Science

Taught by current American high school teachers, providing professional one-on-one tutoring.


This class will introduce students to singing and music in a “virtual choir” setting. In each class, students will learn and develop the fundamentals of singing, including pitch, breath, rhythm, and vocal technique. The teaching method will highlight music and singing as an art form by incorporating various genres of music, from musical theater to folk music. Students will learn about basic musical concepts. Most importantly, students will use singing to find self-expression, confidence, joy, and cooperation with others. In this virtual experience, students will alternate between listening, practicing individually, and participating in group exercises. Classes will be fun, uplifting, and engaging, and students will feel excited about finding their own voice!

Chinee / Business Chinese / AP Chinese
English Leveled Reading
English Reading & Writing
French / Spanish / Latin

College Consulting

College Essay

We have a very professional team to help applicants review their college essays. The team members are all students and professors from the Ivy League and other top 50 universities in the United States. Before checking the essay, brainstorming will be conducted for 1-2 hours according to the applicant's needs, helping students sort out the logic of the document. Afterward, three revisions were made to the applicant's draft.


We provide both undergraduate and graduate application services. We have analysts to help applicants plan suitable schools and sort out each school's application requirements. We will also offer essay revision, CV revision, Personal Statement revision, application, and guidance on the portfolio (art only).

College Touring

It is essential to know the school in advance before enrolling. College touting can help students have a comprehensive understanding of the campus and better adapt to the upcoming university life.

College Essay
College Touring

High School Courses & AP Courses

High School Online Credit Course

Students can take Online Credit Courses to earn American High School Credits. Students can have their remote classes by using Zoom. Live lectures or watching video recordings are both allowed. To achieve the credits, students must follow the instructors' requirements, completing all the assignments and tests on time.

AP Course

Students can take AP Courses before they enroll in a college. The AP Course is an independent study. Teachers will regularly check students' learning progress and give guidance.

Online Credit
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